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Top 4 Quality Home Gym Equipment Choices – Treadmills and Exercise Bikes

The fitness and exercise equipment market has expanded rapidly in the past few years as more people choose to create a gym space in the home. It’s a great idea as it saves time and money on gym membership and travel and means you can choose when you exercise at your own will.

We’ve had a look at two treadmills and two exercise bikes that might be what you’re looking for, so let’s get started!

Rhythm Fun Under-Desk Walking Treadmill


From the respected Rhythm Fun brand, this under-desk walking treadmill is perfect for office breaks. Compact at just 63x28x7cm and weighing just 29kg, this is a great choice for a home gym, too, as it will leave plenty of space for other equipment.

An 18” running belt that can be set to any one of seven settings using a remote, walking speeds of 0.5 to 3.7mph give plenty of scope for light, regular exercise. The design is sturdy with safety in mind and comes with shock and noise reduction systems. A 2.5hp electric motor – plug-in cable-powered device – is enough to handle users up to 220 lbs.

The Rhythm Fun portable treadmill is easy to store under a bed, in a closet, or even under a desk, and there is no set up or construction to do. It’s ready to go out of the box. At around $400, it’s pretty good value too.


·  Compact and easy to store

·  Neat and sturdy design

·  Wide running belt

·  7 speed levels

·  Shock and noise reduction


·  Not professional standard

·  Only walking and slow jogging speeds

·  Corded so needs external power source

SereneLife Folding Treadmill Running Machine


With an easy-to-read LED display on a raised stand, this treadmill from SereneLife is a bigger and more capable machine than that above. It weighs around 45kg, so is not exactly portable: this is one for the home gym, where it will have a permanent place among your other home gym equipment.

This treadmill comes with 36 pre-set functions, and the incline can be raised to 3 levels, while speeds of up to 10mph allow for fast bursts. The computer saves and displays data such as calories burned, distance covered, speed, and session time. We like the safety cut-off feature that is built in.

The treadmill can be folded to store and, when erected, measures 159x71x127cm, so takes up quite a bit of space, and a plug-in electric cord powers it. A serious piece of kit for the home gym, this one will cost around $675.


·  10mph maximum speed

·  36 presets

·  Incline adjustable

·  Foldable for storage

·  LED readout and data


·  Large size needs plenty space

·  Heavy at 45kg

·  Not particularly portable

Joroto X4S Exercise Bike

This neat and well-built exercise bike is among the latest from Joroto, an established brand that sells in great numbers worldwide. This will cater to most people up to 330 lbs and is an ideal choice for a home gym installation. It is made from strong stainless steel for long life.

A dual flywheel design and 6 adjustable gears on the handlebars, plus a comfortable height-adjustable seat, make this a versatile exercise bike. Pedal cages are also adjustable, so everyone can use them from small to large. It’s heavy at 109 lbs, making it non-portable but designed for permanent installation.

Bluetooth monitoring and a clear LED screen allow the user to access a wealth of information such as tension, speed, distance, RPM, and more, and also allow connectivity to a variety of fitness apps for personalized training programs. This is a quality exercise bike from a known brand, and while large – 106x24x85cm – battery power makes it easier to find a space for it. Budget for almost $700 if this is the one for you.


·  Quality bike from a known brand

·  6 adjustable gears

·  Battery (non-corded) power

·  Adjustable height saddle

·  Up to 330lbs use

·  Bluetooth connectivity and monitoring


·  Heavy at 50kg

·  Not portable

·  Large size, so needs a permanent space

Sunny Health and Fitness Premium Exercise Bike

The large size – 129x60x121cm – and 57kg weight make this Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bike a permanent fixture. However, don’t let that put you off, as this is a premium bike, superbly made, and with excellent features – but for $1100, it’s not one if you’re on a tight budget.

The handlebars, seat, and gearing are all adjustable through a wide range, so people of all sizes can use this. The maximum user weight is 300 lbs which should accommodate most people. The 20kg flywheel is designed for heavy-duty use and intense cardio work, and magnetic resistance is minutely adjustable for perfect results.

The machine is Bluetooth capable, but we’re a touch disappointed the Sunny Health app isn’t included in the purchase price, but that might be a bargaining point if you decide to buy this exercise bike. It is battery powered, has wheels for moving around, and features everything you could want from a quality exercise bike for home or gym use.


·  Top quality build

·  Superb features and heavy-duty flywheel

·  Great for intense cardio

·  Battery power so easy to place

·  Max user weight 30lbs


·  Heavy weight so not portable

·  Takes up space

·  App costs extra

That’s our four home gym items, so which is for you? Let’s have a quick summary.

Which One is For Me? 

Starting with the treadmills, the choice is whether you want a truly portable example or a more capable running machine. We like both, but the Rhythm Fun model is great for light work, the SereneLife example being a more serious and heavy-duty item.

With the exercise bikes, the Sunny Health and Fitness model is undoubtedly an exceptional choice for a home or commercial gym. The problem is that compared to the Joroto X4S – a very good machine – it comes down to budget.

We hope we’ve helped you find the right machine, so enjoy your exercise.


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